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antipast is a one of the Japanese brands which
we are very proud of as one of the finest Japanese products.

It started with only ladies but now mens sock and clothing also
have been designed and became available.

The socks are not only comfortable to wear but also its design are fabulous.
Our customers buy the socks every season regularly.

antipast socks are durble to lots of daily washing because the knit and thickness of threads are well designed and manufactured.

With the highly durable concept although it is not relatively at low price
range compared to mass products, you would give you your money's worth.

You may not have cared for socks so much
however you will often look very stylish when the cool design
and color appears at your feet.


・History of Madrigal

Madrigal opend in 1999.

We have been acting as authorized distributor of
antipast for 10 years.
We have many experiences about that products so
We could give you some advice.

We check the quality of all products thoroughly.

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